2nd anniversary of getting fired up

Yup. It is two years now. Precisely two years back I got fired from my own company – my Steve Jobs moment. The reason I write this is not to settle any scores or to vent out but I have realized over the years that this has helped lot of people to understand the startup … [Read more…]

Celebrating my Steve Jobs moment

So I know you are confused. What’s the deal about this Steve Jobs moment and why the hell I am celebrating it. I think my story of getting fired from my own company last year on 20th Aug, 2013 is well known. I don’t know who it was but someone named it as my Steve Jobs moment. … [Read more…]

Goodbye from a Zhopper

Before we go ahead, let me clearly say that All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, farting, living or dead, is purely coincidental. This is being written to clarify all the questions I am going to face from various folks not to settle any scores. So as the subject … [Read more…]

Jugad waali startup

Some 2 guys who land up in my office all of a sudden – “Mukesh sir! We have come to remove sun film from your car” Who the hell are you? And I am not Mukesh. But how did you figure out that I want to get rid of my sun film. These are not … [Read more…]


Cross posted from my company blog – http://blog.zopnow.com/2012/02/10/36-24-36/   Now we have enough juice to share some yummy details about customer behavior. If your eyes pop out, don’t blame us. – The average Gross Merchandise Value of a single order is 4-5 times of offline retail and this is when we are yet to launch the million features … [Read more…]

Me a sinner

Dear Customer I have sinned. Not once but many times. This was during my Avatar as a restaurant guy. My sin is similar to what lot of people do in that domain but it still is a sin. Haven’t you ever ordered food from a restaurant and waited for food at home. You get hungry … [Read more…]

Changing my relegion

I know it worked if you have come here. Learnt this trick from a friend. A catchy subject line ensures that you do read rest of the stuff. Anyway I never had a religion so no chances of changing it. I lost my religion long time back when I went through religious texts of almost all religions. Anyway that is not the … [Read more…]