Changing my relegion

I know it worked if you have come here. Learnt this trick from a friend. A catchy subject line ensures that you do read rest of the stuff. Anyway I never had a religion so no chances of changing it. I lost my religion long time back when I went through religious texts of almost all religions. Anyway that is not the topic here. I did adopt few more relegions and some of them are changing.


I became a restauranter on 1st Jul, 2006. That was the date when I decided that I will get into building a restaurant. I had no idea at that point what it takes. I was edgy, nervous and lost. But then we did make it live on 10th Mar, 2007. We went through opening 3 restaurants although we had to close few of them due to various problems faced. It has been a very interesting journey although I can not call it very successful from a financial perspective. But the experience has been so enriching.


Another journey I started was Asklaila in Oct, 2006. Over the years we build a great business on Internet as well as mobile. Building a brand in consumer Internet space has been a very rewarding experience. Indian Internet space has grown by leaps and bounds and it was a constant challenge to keep up the pace.


These two journeys come to an end for me as I move on to do more things in life. I am closing my last restaurant in BTM and also moving on from Asklaila in terms of active responsibilities. I will still be open to cooking teaching assignments and also continue to be adviser to Asklaila.



Now few things about the new venture. The first task  I did was to find a partner who is 10 times smarter and can work 100 times harder compared to me. I found a very capable company in Mukri. We worked together in Amazon and he was certainly great inspiration as well as source of knowledge for me. OK Mukri dude, now remove that Bihari gun from my head. This is the most I can bullshit about you.


Let us talk more about our new venture. The name is ZopNow. If you didn’t click on the link, let me tell you we are building a startup in grocery ecommerce space. We realized that this is a space where customers are willing but businesses have not been able to get their act right. And obviously we do feel that we are the right set of guys to get the act right.


Big business is built on a customer pain point and somebody’s ability to solve it with an interesting and innovative solution.


Get back to building stuff dude…..


  1. 1. “relegion” in title, is it intentional?
    2. “I was edgy, nervous and lost” u r still EDGEy, as ur 3G not working #BirlaPJ
    3. It’s time to change ur Pic, hope u have kept ur marriage suit nicely 🙂

  2. Tanmoy

    Robert Frost said, “The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I’ve promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep.”

    Long way ahead of you, Sir. Keep living!

  3. vikrant

    Through the years you have always maintained your “joie de vivre” and wish you continue do so. Good luck with ZopNow.

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