Me a sinner

Dear Customer I have sinned. Not once but many times. This was during my Avatar as a restaurant guy. My sin is similar to what lot of people do in that domain but it still is a sin. Haven’t you ever ordered food from a restaurant and waited for food at home. You get hungry … [Read more…]

Changing my relegion

I know it worked if you have come here. Learnt this trick from a friend. A catchy subject line ensures that you do read rest of the stuff. Anyway I never had a religion so no chances of changing it. I lost my religion long time back when I went through religious texts of almost all religions. Anyway that is not the … [Read more…]

Free venue for non-commercial meetups/tweetups

We have been organizing lot of non-commercial meetups in our restaurant. I thought I will just offer it to a larger audience. If you are looking for a venue for your  non-commercial and non-personal meetup, just drop me an email on [Eat] at [potluck] dot IN and I will try to workout things for you. … [Read more…]

Republic Day Potluck Ishtyle

We had a lovely republic day. We celebrated it with chocolates and great food cooked by lot of housewives. The chocolate stall was handled by Geetika and she did a fabulous job of explaining everybody how to make chocolates and we had some extremely creative versions of chocolates 1. Crispy corn flakes chocolate 2. Mint … [Read more…]

Stuffed Capsicum Recipe

I don’t know how to write recipes the traditional way so my style will be more conversational. If you are looking for ingredients, time to cook, preparation method type of sections, I am sorry. Cooking is not a industrial process but an art. Something which you got to do with love, affection and passion. I … [Read more…]

Food for thought

Let us start with disclaimers first….. I claim no expertise ( although I might have some ) in the areas I am trying to put fundas about. So here is my research topic, people across the word are trying to figure out, what works for their customers who come in different shapes and sizes. What … [Read more…]