Republic Day Potluck Ishtyle

We had a lovely republic day. We celebrated it with chocolates and great food cooked by lot of housewives. The chocolate stall was handled by Geetika and she did a fabulous job of explaining everybody how to make chocolates and we had some extremely creative versions of chocolates

1. Crispy corn flakes chocolate

2. Mint Chocolate made using Polo

3. Coffee Chocolate

If you need the recipes, you just need to write to me.

Besides that we had an innovative cooking competition where 17 housewives participated with amazing enthusiasm. They cooked some amazing dishes. Our customers voted and Mrs Pacheesiya from Mantri Paradise emerged to be a clear winner. She made a Mix Veg ( Au Gratin Style). Second prize was won by Shaloo Agrawal and the third by Yukti from Mantri Paradise. Our sincere thanks to all the cooks as well as everybody who helped us manage the event.

Some photos to ensure that you don’t miss it next time.

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