Fake News Apps on Google Play

If you search for iPhone on Google, what do you expect. Do you want to see results which tell us about iPhone and how to buy it or you want to see results which tell you how to hack iPhone. If you search for life on google, do you really expect to see results which … [Read more…]

Hall of Fame – LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great platform. People write all sorts of funny things out there. This is a list that will grow so keep coming back to this. I will stay away mentioning where I saw it so just trust my word for it. If you want to add few ( with credits ), just message … [Read more…]

State of SEO – Online Pharmacies

I was going through various online pharmacies and wondering where I should start my online journey of buying medicines but in the process I realized that many of them don’t have their SEO right. So let us go through a comparative study on SEO in this domain. I am analyzing only one type of page … [Read more…]

The curious case of mobile strategy

So who is right. Myntra or Facebook/Whatsapp. As we speak, Myntra/Flipkart are rolling total mobile app strategy and FB and Whatsapp have launched web versions of their popular mobile apps. It is simplistic to look into strategy of large organizations and derive industry trends from that but it is not that straightforward always. Industry players who … [Read more…]

The blue ticks of WhatsApp

So you have seen this feature already or not. A Blue tick indicates that the other side has read your message or not. Not sure what was their motivation, but this is going to create some interesting circumstances for sure. Whatsapp enables asynchronous communication and in asynchronous communication it is important that you can respond when … [Read more…]