Fake News Apps on Google Play

If you search for iPhone on Google, what do you expect. Do you want to see results which tell us about iPhone and how to buy it or you want to see results which tell you how to hack iPhone.

If you search for life on google, do you really expect to see results which tell you how to take your life.

This is precisely the problem when you search for fake news on Google Play. We at Check4Spam and Nokiye have tried to point this out multiple times via twitter/FB but looks like it is not helping. I am making a list of fake news creation apps which are live on Google Play.

This list is long and to find it you just need to search “fake news” on Google Play. These apps are not even trying to pretend that they are doing something else, they clearly state that they are apps to create fake news. Not sure what prevents them from taking action on this. Will they do the same thing if quality of search results were bad.

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