I do BakBak in lots of startup events. Here is a list of what is upcoming and what is done.


3rd Jun, 2017

“WE” @ Headstart

31st May, 2017

Minjar Team


30th Nov, 2015

Mobisy Team


7th Nov, 2015

GTM Strategy, SLP Bangalore

9th Oct, 2015

Mentoring Startup Pulse by Inc42

5th Oct, 2015

Marketing session at Excubator

24-25 Sep, 2015

Mentor at Gravitas, VIT

13th May, 2015

Product Mentor at Pulse42


24th Apr, 2015

Judging at HP Code Off @GIDS

11th Apr, 2015

Startup Saturday Bangalore – Getting Started in e-Commerce


24th Feb, 2015

SEO and engineering talk at Simplotel


19th Feb, 2015
Startup and marketing talk at Momoe
30th Jan, 2015

1776 Challenge Cup Regionals

25th Jan, 2015

Startup Master Class -


29th Oct, 2014

NASSCOM Product Conclave -


8th Nov, 2014

Startup Leadership Program -



17th Oct, 2014

Indian Institute od Science – Panel discussion on Entrpreneurship


19th Sep, 2014

Session on failures of life at Passbrains