IIT Kanpur Ki Barat

It was late night in Jan of 1994. Five of us sitting in Hall 2 Galaxy Control Room and thinking what we could do for next days publicity event. Ideas came and were dismissed for various reasons. The night was getting longer and the ideas were going from bad to worse. We needed a way … [Read more…]

Unknown Picnic Spots Around Namma Bengaluru

Internet is a boon as well as a curse. You can find information easily and then everyone lands up at the same place. But I used the lockdown time to explore some really unknown places. These are places which don’t have a name. But you can drive down to these places with a thermos flask … [Read more…]

Namma Bengaluru Cherry Blossom Tour

Beware the ides of March said the soothsayer to Julius Caeser but cometh the month in Namma Bengaluru, bloometh the city with a fascinating set of colours, predominantly pink. So I and my daughter decided to explore the colours on our Avenger. This trip took us to various localities and we stayed away from using … [Read more…]

One night at Bangalore Airport

So travel always brings along experiences. Some good, some bad and some you just can’t figure out where to put them. So I landed today after a brief trip to Delhi. As I usually do on short trips, I drive to airport and park it there to avoid the taxi hassles. The only think I … [Read more…]

2nd anniversary of getting fired up

Yup. It is two years now. Precisely two years back I got fired from my own company – my Steve Jobs moment. The reason I write this is not to settle any scores or to vent out but I have realized over the years that this has helped lot of people to understand the startup … [Read more…]

Celebrating my Steve Jobs moment

So I know you are confused. What’s the deal about this Steve Jobs moment and why the hell I am celebrating it. I think my story of getting fired from my own company last year on 20th Aug, 2013 is well known. I don’t know who it was but someone named it as my Steve Jobs moment. … [Read more…]