One night at Bangalore Airport

So travel always brings along experiences. Some good, some bad and some you just can’t figure out where to put them. So I landed today after a brief trip to Delhi. As I usually do on short trips, I drive to airport and park it there to avoid the taxi hassles. The only think I do in such cases is that I fly early morning and return late night so that Bangalore traffic doesn’t trouble me. Afterall coming from airport to Bannerghatta Road is a journey in itself.

So anyways as I walk out of the airport towards parking and as we are waiting for the cabs to cross, I noticed a girl, must be around 30 wearing specs, with a baby on her shoulder, and a trolley with luggage in front of her. She was struggling to push the trolley as it was going all over the place. I asked her if I could help her push the trolley. She was hesitant but I told her that I will drop her to her destination. She told me that she has to go opposite Taj Hotel as some family she met at airport was waiting for her there to drop her to JP Nagar. On the way we picked up a small conversation. She told that her name was Asha and she is an IT professional. She also told that she came to Bangalore from Kerala to meet a friend and her baby is 3 years old. I told a bit about myself also and we reached opposite Taj where a red car was waiting. And as we reached there we realized that car was too small and her luggage and she could not fit into the car. There was a tall guy at the car and he said I am sorry we won’t be able to fit you here. I told Asha that I have a Scorpio which can easily accommodate everything and I am also driving to South Bangalore so I can certainly drop her if she is fine with it. She said, she will come along and I asked her to wait as I bring my car from the parking.

As I came back from parking at the designated place, I see that lady is no where to be seen. I just parked my car, went around to check if she has wandered somewhere, but no luck. I picked up my car and started driving towards the city and then thought, maybe she might have gone somewhere and might have come back now so I took a U turn and came back to the same spot again. But no idea where she was gone.

Obviously she was not comfortable in going somewhere with a total stranger at mid-night. Even I would not suggest that to anyone in my family or friends. Maybe my bearded looks with shorts ( haven’t shaved for few weeks as I am busy ) gave her signals that I am not the right guy to go with, maybe she told me that she will come along just out of politeness, maybe I should have offered her to drop her to a cab instead of offering her my car, maybe she got into some trouble, maybe….

Anyway as I drove back from airport, I was thinking through. If you see this, just wanted to let you know Asha, you missed some nice SD Burman songs besides obviously a nice conversation and a free drop to your home. Hope you reached your destination safely.

And ya, time to shave…

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