Obituary – Kamla Raju – someone who spoke to me in a language called love

She never spoke a word to me, but she communicated so much. We met just three times, and a fourth time after she had breathed her last,  but it means the whole world to me.


It was few months back when I met Gita Raju in a BBG meetup we were doing in an orphanage. She invited us to visit her home and also told us about her mother who is unwell and enjoys Mukesh songs. Shammas, Ekta and myself decided to visit her and do a show exclusively for her. As we entered the home, we see a frail lady lying on the bed and a face which had sorrow written all over due to her illness. As we settled in the home, we saw a family which made us feel so much at home. Srinath was making tea for us and Srini was cracking jokes. As Shammas started his songs, the mood transformed into a melodious one. Her face which was full of pain transformed into a happy one. She would softly tell us songs she loved and Shammas rendered them flawlessly and she rejoiced every moment. Ekta entertained her with all her “Drama Queen” action and she had a broad smile on her face. All I did was just held her hand throughout. Her skin was so smooth and shining and despite her bad health she held my hand firmly. A grip which conveyed so much love. No words exchanged but few glances which conveyed her love for all of us. It was tough for us to control our tears and as we left we saw her clapping and enjoying music.


The second meeting was very similar and third meeting even a bigger one as it happened in Shantla and Srini ( Gita Raju sister and her husband ) home and we celebrated BBG 5th anniversary as well as her birthday. We had lot more people ( Venkat, Shiva Priya, Kumaran, Bhuvana, Vikram, Sugandhi and family members of Gita ) and I did exactly what I had done in two earlier meetings. Just held her hand and sat with her. There was a special bond of affection between us as I used to feel so blessed to hold her hand and sit by her. And the end of this third meeting happened in a way that it will be etched in my memory for a lifetime.


She was tired so she had gone to rest as we continued with food and music. Before leaving I went inside just to tell her bye and she held my hand firmly as if she did not want me to go. She pulled my hand towards herself and her frail body towards my hand planted a gentle kiss. I cried, cried and cried even more. Her eyes conveyed so much love that it just moved me to tears. Little I knew that it was my last meeting with her.


She passed away on 11th Sep, 2015 and my fourth meeting with her was when she was no more. As I watch her vanishing into flames, there is sadness of losing someone I loved and a happiness of not seeing her in pain any more. The circle of life spares none.


I knew her only for few months but I know she had so much love for me. She spoke no words to me but I know her blessings will be with me all my life. Her memories will be with me till I breath my last as someone who blessed me with her love.


PS: If you know of any elders in your family or around who are bed ridden, please let us know if we can entertain them with music at their home. We at BBG take pride in spreading happiness via music and will be happy to come over and perform.

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