Audience Etiquette for Online Music Concerts

In the days of Covid19, hardly any offline concerts are happening and lot of online concerts are happening. We at BBG are also culprit of organizing so many of them. You can watch few of them here Now when you listen to online shows the good things to do as a music lover have … [Read more…]

Vital Stats of BBG in 2015

We had a great year in 2015 as we spread our wings all over the place. Here are some stats about our FB page. Daily Page Engaged Users – 54,11,118 Daily Total Reach – 7,19,01,228 Daily Total Impressions – 21,47,30,501 Top Five Posts   ज़िन्दगी तेरे गम ने हमेंरिश्ते नए समझाए Posted by Bhoole Bisre … [Read more…]

BBG at 5 – the story so far and the road ahead

It happened approximately 5 years back. A usual day at office sparked off the idea of starting a FB page to share songs. Songs which I used to hear with so much as a kid and teenager, and I had not heard in recent past. The vision was very simple. Just share songs with friends … [Read more…]

Ten gems from Kishore Kumar

So here is my top ten in no particular order Amazingly romantic song. The way he puts emotions in every word is awesome. The way of conveying love is so indirect and beautiful.   Deeply philosophical and a song which conveys various emotions tangled with each other. His voice brings out the confusion of emotions … [Read more…]

BBG Show to raise funds for Indian Cancer Society

  Friends, Words fail me today as I write this. Poetic expressions and language are not enough to express the flow of emotions and feelings. But let me try to write in as simple words as possible. It all started 5-6 months back. One of my friends, Akhila, was in a Ayurvedic place getting treated … [Read more…]

Jodhpur ke jalwe

It happened 6 months ago or maybe more… Myself and Falguni were discussing if we could do a meetup for our soldiers. And as it happens the entire world conspired to make it happen. Aparna provided us the connections and we got some amazing support from Rajeev in AirForce. So here we were on a train … [Read more…]

Jab Tak Hai Kaan

Naushad ke sangeet ki mastiyan OP Nayyar ki mast dhunein Shankar Jaikishan ki allhad sangeet SD da ke dil chhone wale geet Nahin bhooloonga main Jab tak hai kaan, Jab tak hai kaan Anu Malik ka shor Bappi Lahri ke disco geet Pritam ki churayi hui dhunein Nadeem-Shravan ka ho ho ho Nahin maaf karoonga … [Read more…]

Why lead a life when you can live a dream

                      Early morning, or maybe I should call it late night, woke up after just 1.5 hrs of sleep. The usual fight with alarm clock ended with a shock that it was already 4:30. Time to rush towards the airport. I love these early morning drives to airport, … [Read more…]