Ten gems from Kishore Kumar

So here is my top ten in no particular order

Amazingly romantic song. The way he puts emotions in every word is awesome. The way of conveying love is so indirect and beautiful.


Deeply philosophical and a song which conveys various emotions tangled with each other. His voice brings out the confusion of emotions in a very elegant way.



The song that mixes melancholy and hope in exactly the right proportions.



And this song when hope is gone and sadness engulfs you from all sides. The texture of his voice is awesome in this song.



The feel of this song is amazing. Takes you to a word far far away.



This voice could melt mountains any day. Looks almost like a conversation but his awesome voice quality comes out.



Full of life and every word unfolds like a dawn. Full of life and shining.



Sorrow drips from each and every word which just pierces the heart.



The humming before song is one of the best you can ever hear.



And how can I forget this which made Kishore Kumar. All time favorite romantic song.

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