Lucknow Matar Tikki Recepie

This is Lucknow special. I haven’t come across this anywhere else. Making this is simple. Boil white/yellow matar after soaking it overnight. You might need 6-7 whistles. Spread it on a non-stick. Keep disturbing it with a spatula at regular intervals. When it gets stuck to tawa, peel it and mix it back. This is what makes it crispy within. Keep pouring some ghee/oil also when it has become a bit dry. When it becomes relatively solid, make tikkis from them and shallow fry. One easy way to make tikki is that stuff it hard in a small katori and then bang it upside down on tawa. This does drink good amount of oil so plan it based on your tolerance levels. I made this with olive oil.
I haven’t done much garnishing in this pic except lime juice and red chilli powder. You can always add chopped ginger and corriander leaves. Broken gol gappas on top of this make it even more crunchy.


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