And let there be music

2 years back. Oh ya, 2 years back. A lazy day I decided to get started with something. I wish I could say I was visionary but frankly speaking I was not. The goal was simple and more a personal one. Take 15 mins out of the daily grind and listen to songs which I … [Read more…]

My friend Kedar

  15th Oct, 2011 in Pune.   Priya had asked me if I could invite one of her friends to BBG Meetup in Pune. Me and Sameer figured out the address and landed up at his home. And that was the first time we met Kedar. One word describes my meeting with him – Inspiring.   … [Read more…]

I wish time had a pause button – The story of Pune BBG meetup

It happens and happened to me two times on 15th Oct, 2011. Sawai Gandharva Sangeet Mahavidyalaya was where music lovers from different parts of the country gathered to celebrate our love for music. I figured out why Pune is called cultural capital of Maharashtra. Music lovers descended in large numbers for the BBG meetup.   … [Read more…]

The fun times in Mumbai BBG Meetup

It is tough not to have fun when you are in the company of so many music lovers and so many people who have been part of the mosaic of Indian Film music. We were privileged to be under one roof in Kandivili, Mumbai on 18th Jun, 2011. The music lovers started descending at the venue from … [Read more…]

Request for raising funds for Mubarak Begum Ji

As part of our BBG – Bhoole Bisre Geet activities, we are also trying to connect up with old artists and their family members. One of the BBG member Falguni from Mumbai has put in lot of efforts in this direction and has helped us connect up with family of Talat Mehmood and legendary singer Mubarak Begum … [Read more…]

The birth of social radio channels and social RJs

Hmmmm… The whole village and sometimes the whole colony used to listen to Radio together and the same thing happened when TV arrived. Only few people had it and others had to manage with keeping good relations with people had it. Times changed and the cost of these technologies came down and caught up with … [Read more…]

BBG in 2010

What a year this has been for BBG. We grew from no where to a large community which sits down together everyday and enjoys some lovely music. This is a virtual version of good old days when people used to gather around a single radio set or TV and enjoy music. Here are some vital … [Read more…]

Remembering Rafi on his birthday

I was so surprised to get an invitation from Bar Bar Rafi via Shiva Priya who is a follower of Bhoole Bisre Geet. The location for the event was Indian Institute Of World Culture which is in Basvangudi where you get the best quality of South Indian food in the entire city. It was a … [Read more…]