My friend Kedar



15th Oct, 2011 in Pune.


Priya had asked me if I could invite one of her friends to BBG Meetup in Pune. Me and Sameer figured out the address and landed up at his home. And that was the first time we met Kedar. One word describes my meeting with him – Inspiring.


He is a spastic, wheelchair bound,  and can not use his left hand but he types on computer with three fingers of the right hand. He was our special guest for the event. He has passed 10th from national open school and also Finished CDAC DIT course and Web page designing course.


Initially we were worried if it will be too inconvenient for him to spend time with all of us but his parents made all the arrangements so that he can have a good time. And those six hours were amazing. Kedar was overjoyed in the company of music lovers and all of us sang so many songs.


Despite his challenges, Kedar has undertaken the work translating books to Braille which helps other people who are visually challenged. It takes him unimaginable amount of effort to do this but he does this and sets an example for all of us. Each book translation costs 15-20K.

If any one of you is interested in sponsoring a book, please let me know. I can make arrangements for your contribution to reach him directly.


More info on Kedar -



  1. rachna verma

    If seen with a positive sight,the word ‘disability’ itself has ability in it. So one should look forward to what they can do. The only disability in life is a bad attitude. thanks.

  2. ekta

    Inspiring …specialy 4 those who r fully fit and still say ..they r not capable of doing anything worthwhile…Good wishes forKedar ..and yes any time anything 4rm my side ..i would b there

  3. Raghu Sankaran

    Hello BKB jee…I tried to message you via your FB account, but the Message option seems to be disabled. Hope you are doing well.

    If you could reach me via my email id or via my FB account PM, it would be very helpful to me. Thanks and regards.

  4. Dinesh

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