Movie Review: Ferrari ki Sawari

Disclaimers first. I am no movie buff. Very occasional movie watcher. And even if I do it is mostly with my daughter so mostly kids movies. No idea how I landed up with this one. I guess Taco bell Chalupa ads and a nice walk in nice weather was the biggest motivation.

So one more secret to share. I tried my hand at ad making recently and tried to visualize and direct a 30 sec commercial. And I realized during the process that it is not easy to visualize a scene/story and then get the team to translate it to action. So I watch movies much more closely now.

First things first. I like the idea of the movie. How a kid with constraints aiming big in life. I am sure lot of us can relate to that, atleast I can. And cricket is a topic which is so close to all of us. Only 3 characters in movie who span across 3 generations.  The first half mostly focused on showing relationships between these 3 characters. I thought that while Bomman and Sharman’s roles were carved out nicely, the kid got a raw deal. I guess since most of the people who make the movie are adults, they tend to ignore how to make the kids character stand out.

And then comes the real hero of the movie Ferrari. The way Ferrari comes into the picture is a bit comical and it’s role has been over exaggerated. But then I guess exaggeration is always used as an excuse for making things comical. As Ferari enters the scene, the story turns from realistic to artificial which aims at creating funny scenarios in return. Some of the scenarios are funny but lot of them not. The story diversion to the corporator and his son was annoying as well as useless. It was neither funny nor necessary. And then comes the item number which was injected with hardly any co-relation to story. Vidya looked good but the item song looked like that they did reverse engineering on the story to accommodate the item number.

The end was too dramatic and almost kill the genuineness with which movie started. I mean what was the need of showing him on TV and all the drama associated with it.  My only suggestion to director is that if you want to make subtle comedies, learn from Hrishikesh Mukjerjee and if you want to go on the other side, David Dhawan is not too bad either.


Overall a confused movie with good performances from Sharman and Bomman. The kid did not get much chance to showcase skills. Certainly worth a watch in the days of even more stupid movies.

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