Jugad waali startup

Some 2 guys who land up in my office all of a sudden – “Mukesh sir! We have come to remove sun film from your car”

Who the hell are you? And I am not Mukesh. But how did you figure out that I want to get rid of my sun film.

These are not the guys who have MBA degrees and use complex business intelligence tools to figure out customer intentions. Usual blokes with good common sense.

More conversation and I did not try to clarify that I am not Mukesh. That is what the security guard on ground floor told. With the amount of driving I do I am sure I will pass as Mukesh’s driver. They asked for Rs 600 to remove the sun film. I bargained and got them to 500. So these guys figured out an opportunity created by our dearest Supreme Court. They are going around in HSR Layout area and seeing cars parked on the road side which have sun film. They approach the office and check if they can remove it and they are all set with their sun film removal kit.

So in 45 mins I had my car back without the sun film. Bright and shining glasses with 100% transparency. The guys were experts in the job of removing the sun film. I was so happy with the service that I gave them Rs 600 instead of Rs 500 I bargained for. They thanked and also told me that they are into wood work business and they can also paint houses or offices.


So here is what I learn from them in such a short time span

– Timing is important. I mean there was no point in doing this sun film business a month back or may be even after a month.

– George Bush once said – If we can’t bring them to justice, we will take the justice to them. Same holds true in business. Either get your customer to your business or get your business to customers.

– Grab the initiative. Lot of us are so hesitant to talk about our business. If we have a value proposition, open your mouth. Bole to bindaas ho ke.

– Cross sell your products. Only in movies girls fall for guys or vice versa because of just one thing. Same holds true in business also. Try to sell diverse things to your customers after figuring out co-relations between products.


OK, enough gyan for the day. Get back to work folks.


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