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Now we have enough juice to share some yummy details about customer behavior. If your eyes pop out, don’t blame us.
– The average Gross Merchandise Value of a single order is 4-5 times of offline retail and this is when we are yet to launch the million features we have in mind to increase it.
– If you thought only Cinderella had an issue when clock stuck 12, think again. The time slot 12-1 is the most popular time slot for our customers to buy. Did I forget to add one minor detail, I am talking about afternoon here.
– We have enough customers who buy SKUs in tripple digits ( > 99 ) in one order
– 3 out of 4 customers come back within a month with a bigger order. As Schwarzenegger said – I am back.
– Gross Margins in double digits is not a dream but reality once you get your category mix right
–  Edible Oil and Home Care are top 2 categories. People spend twice on edible oil compared to Personal Care.
– Tea is twice as popular as coffee in Bangalore. Now that is a surprise for us also.
– Juice consumption is almost thrice of soft drinks. Who said Bangalore is not health conscious?
- We are sending a SWAT team to analyze that why is there a strong co-relation between people who buy orange juice also buy Harpic Plus Orange toilet cleaner.
– Over 15% orders are “Sho Shweet”. I mean they have atleast 1 kg of sugar.
– Bangalore hates to take care of it’s shoes. This category reminds me of my rank in my class at IIT Kanpur.
– Expenses on diapers is 10 times of what it is on infant food. How do you explain that input/output balance Bangalore?
– Amount of Aata sold is thrice of rice. Now that sounds like a poem.
– Our customers like laziness.. almost 30% ordered maggi
– People spend twice as much on cleaning toilet over teeth. Get your priorties clear guys.
- Our customer ‘like’ turmeric thrice as compared to chilli powder. Yellow yellow, lazy fellow.
– Based on our deep research, we have come to conclusion that per Kg of toor daal you need to spend 22.346 grams of Turmeric powder to make a perfect daal
- Sorry Imran .. as per us Akshay Kumar is doing better. Thums up Sales are twice as good as Coke
– We are planning to hire PhDs to figure out why 27% of our customer buy organic food and “Act II Butter popcorn” in the same order. If you have a clue, write to us. I promise you Rasam Rice lunch with our team.
– And last but not the least, our sincere apologies to all the customers who searched for “dark fantasy” on google and ended up seeing the “Sunfeast Dark Fantasy biscuit” at ZopNow. This is as close as we can get to help you.


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