Some days you remember and some days get engraved on you

This sums it up. Memories are good, but then few things are beyond memories. Few moments, few days, few mins which take you beyond the realms of memory. Yes, they get engraved in your soul and your very existence. And this picture sums it up.
We at BBG are always proud to do music shows for various causes and we were performing in Regional Mental Hospital, Thane to entertain the patients on 17th May, 2014.
One of the patients got up and sang the following song – Donon ne kiya tha pyar magar, mujhe yaad raha tu bhool gayi

What an emotional rendition it was. All of us were just stunned. He was in tune and voice full of emotions. We could see people in the crowd crying watching this emotional rendition. Isn’t that what music is all about. And when he was asked about his story, he told that he got divorced from somebody he loved. What a way to express his feelings.


I have no idea for how long he had been waiting for this expression. I don’t even know if this expression changes something in his mental state. But one thing I am sure of is that he would have slept a better sleep, probably with a smile, remembering some good times and most of us who were present to witness this would have got a different perspective on love. Remember, this is not a movie where real life. The emotions were real and so were the tears of people who watched and heard this.


I will not thank anyone for this meetup. We at BBG are just fortunate to get an opportunity to provide an expression of emotion opportunity to somebody who needed it a lot. We are blessed indeed.


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