Change the world… Welcome to AdalBdal

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci


And here we are after months of work on a simple product which has the potential to change lots of things.  And when I say lots, I actually mean it. We have a simple platform for you to exchange stuff you don’t need any more –


First of all let us get our pronunciation correct. It is pronounced as “A Dal B Dal”. Do it right or you will be punished by atleast 10 PJs from me.



Aren’t we in a race where we keep producing more and consuming more depleting the resources available to us. Look around, how many things you have around you which are of no use to you but can make perfect sense to people around. It might be old books, old mobiles, old clothes, stamps, coins and many more. Isn’t it time to put them to use, if not for yourself, for somebody else.


So go ahead, first upload stuff which you don’t need any more, find stuff you might need and meetup and exchange. The platform works anywhere and everywhere. It is location aware and shows you how far things are from you. It has a built in spam protection for you as the person interested in your product will not be able to message you till you have decided to engage. Messaging will enable you to figure out the logistics of meeting and exchanging.


And another major question which I hear from friends is that how do you ensure that the two items you exchange are of equal value. Look value perception is a state of mind. We enjoy soft drinks for Rs 13 which are made for probably less than 50 paise, we buy hand bags for thousands which are probably made in few hundreds. So come out of the standard “value perception model” and build an eco-system to reuse more and more stuff. It’s easy and it can be lots of fun.


Happy AdalBdal….


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