Audience Etiquette for Online Music Concerts

In the days of Covid19, hardly any offline concerts are happening and lot of online concerts are happening. We at BBG are also culprit of organizing so many of them. You can watch few of them here

Now when you listen to online shows the good things to do as a music lover have changed. I am just trying to document all of them which I think are important.

  • Be kind to artists. Lot of them are struggling in absence of offline shows.
  • The sound setup they have might not be as perfect as what you will typically see in a hall. During commercial shows there is a dedicated team to manage sound and halls have better acoustics also.
  • In an offline concert, you remain silent during the performance and clap after that. Here you can continuously clap or appreciate the artist with your comments/likes/emoticons.
  • It is rude to leave when an artist is performing and you might want to carry this rule for online shows also. Atleast listen to one song from the artist.
  • Please appreciate the artist by liking their YouTube Channels/FB pages/Instagram accounts.
  • If you like the artist, share the show on your social media accounts so that artists get a better reach.
  • Don’t write abusive comments on shows just because you can. It shows more what you are, not the artist.
  • Art is not just about the celebrity artists. It is also about thousands of people who are practicing art via all types of stages at various levels.
  • Lot of people assume that artists are there just for money but the fact is that artists love audience appreciation more than anything.
  • Don’t feel bad if the artist is not able to sing your request you mentioned in the comment as it is tough for most of them to keep track of all the requests while singing.
  • In offline shows, artists don’t perform continuously. Please request the artists to take some rest while performing.

Happy attending online music shows.


  1. Ekta Shah

    Absolutely well drafted and perfectly compiled. As a singer, I know how important these points are. Many singers are also new to the media techniques, hence it makes them nervous too.

  2. Satya Prakash Bhatnagar

    Very well written article BKB ji.
    Time has forced Singers to come in terms with Online Shows and it will take some more time for a Good Number of Singers to actually understand the Good Mix for streaming and it will also require a good amount of Investment both in terms of Monetary, Physical and Learning the technology.

    The money doesn’t look like coming in through these online shows since our audience will take time to adapt to buying tickets for online shows.

    My request to all the music lovers is to support the Professional Singers, Musicians, Performing Artists by appreciating their work, by promoting their work and also by supporting them financially when they perform for you. You don’t have to Sell Tickets to generate money, in fact adding a button directing to the artist’s UPI, PayTM or other mean of fund transfer will be beginning of a new Audience Etiquette.

  3. Sharad Vanaik

    Absolutely wonderfully written the emotions of a artist performing . It’s the appreciation that motivates the performer
    I happen to be one of the participants thanks to BBG for providing this musical platform.
    Keep enjoying keep motivating

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