2nd anniversary of getting fired up

Yup. It is two years now. Precisely two years back I got fired from my own company – my Steve Jobs moment. The reason I write this is not to settle any scores or to vent out but I have realized over the years that this has helped lot of people to understand the startup dynamics better. So many of opened your heart to me and probably felt better after that.

For those who came in late read this before you go ahead

Goodbye from a Zhopper

Entrepreneur interrupted and then resurrected

Celebrating my Steve Jobs Moment


This has become a celebration point for me and probably it will remain so for rest of my life. I dedicate this day to hundreds of you who struggle every day to make a difference and not just money. This day is dedicated to all my fellow entrepreneurs who go through bad days in hope of shining sun. Feel free to wish me on this day. I don’t want to see anyone who got fired from his company or job to feel bad about himself but to fight back in life with energy but not revenge.


So here is what I have been up to in past one year

  1. Back at AskLaila and we have been able to redo our UI and launched it in 7 more countries. Lot more action happening so stay tuned.
  2. Launched a book Life on the rocks with Jaya Jha and struggling as I try to become a writer from a poet. You can read more about my struggle at - https://medium.com/@bkbirla/5-7-struggles-of-a-poet-trying-to-become-a-writer-and-3-1th-is-not-hilarious-d97f91f14af8.
  3. Launched first song of a music album Kaash with Mohammad Shammas and more coming soon - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeYht6Si28I
  4. Launched an online music magazine TheSongPedia and it has already grown to a reasonable size. We have over 2000 stories on this platform and reaches out to over 2.5 lac people per month.
  5. BBG has continued to expand and prosper spreading happiness via music.
  6. Working on two more ventures where one is in the food-tech space and another one trying to solve a social issue using technology. More on them as we get closer to full launches.
  7. Have been mentoring hundreds of startups which has been a very satisfying experience.
  8. Giving talks ( aka bak-bak ) in various events and places trying to inspire people.



And here is a song which always inspires…






  1. Dhritiman

    Chanced on your postings. V interesting!

    I’ve been fortunate to have gone thru slightly similar experiences as you. In hindsight, they turned out to be positive overall 🙂

    Good luck to you and if you happen to be in Mumbai and by some odd luck happen to be wella then lemme know.

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