How to make the damn thing scale

So all of us have been thinking how some of the websites are not able to take on the traffic they get exposed to. We have reached a critical mass in the industry and it is important for large internet companies to take this more seriously and also understand that scaling goes beyond adding hardware. … [Read more…]

Ground Rules for a Startup

I had written this in 2006 before taking plunge into the startup world. Somehow that document came up again while searching some stuff. Do let me know if they still make sense to you. All – Maintain strict confidentiality about salaries, stocks, work we do, investors, customers – Be a business owner, not just an … [Read more…]

Baba aiso var dhoondho: Wanted Kickass Programmer

  As always, music first. So hope you get the idea. The tryst for a good programmer is much more difficult compared to looking for a bridegrrom. Look marriage is an old institution. People have figured out over the years what to look for and what to stay away from.   But startups, still a … [Read more…]

Windows 8 Review : Day One

So I decided to take the plunge. Bought a brand new shining version of Windows 8. The 2GB download took some time but got over post lunch today and I decided to test ride it. Here are my experiences with various aspects. Remember this is day one and I am not too fond of reading … [Read more…]

Jugad waali startup

Some 2 guys who land up in my office all of a sudden – “Mukesh sir! We have come to remove sun film from your car” Who the hell are you? And I am not Mukesh. But how did you figure out that I want to get rid of my sun film. These are not … [Read more…]