Baba aiso var dhoondho: Wanted Kickass Programmer


As always, music first.

So hope you get the idea. The tryst for a good programmer is much more difficult compared to looking for a bridegrrom. Look marriage is an old institution. People have figured out over the years what to look for and what to stay away from.


But startups, still a nascent concept. What is takes to make it big is still undefined. But let me take a shot at what I am looking at and what is important.


– Passion drives you and I am not talking about the bike passion. You are passionate about something. Not necessarily programming but you are used to the idea of being irrational and follow things which may or may not have an end.

– You should bleed GOOD code. No management BS but yes. If you are the kind of guy who writes code in mind as I talk features, if you have been coding away to glory in your college days, if your dreams consist of debugging, you are on.

– If you can laugh with a team member on their bad jokes, if you don’t mind extra coffee just because another guy in the team wants one, if you come to office to have fun not just work, talk to us.

– If you are lost it is OK. But if you are lost and you think you are not, it is a big issue. So a realistic understanding of yourself is essential. BTW this ensures you continue to evolve and learn.


Perks of the Job

– Can’t pay you much. Infact probably zero is what you end up with.

– You build something which can have a global impact.

– You build something which is good for earth and mankind ( thoda zyada phenk diya kya )

– You work with amazingly smart people ( apni baat kar raha hoon yaar, how modest is that )


So if you want to have a rocking ride, do let me know.  And no hiring email ids here. If you are desperate enough, you will figure out. Please respond WITHOUT your resume and feel free to share it with others.



  1. Amlan

    1. Fashion drives me crazy. I mean fashion TV
    2. My code bleeds
    3.I can crack awful jokes
    4. Yes I am lost and I know it .

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