Stuffed Capsicum Recipe

I don’t know how to write recipes the traditional way so my style will be more conversational. If you are looking for ingredients, time to cook, preparation method type of sections, I am sorry. Cooking is not a industrial process but an art. Something which you got to do with love, affection and passion.

I have a different take on making Stuffed Capsicum. The traditional way of making gravy based capsicum I guess makes you forget capsicum completely. I strongly believe that the key ingredients should stand out in whatever you cook instead of hiding their taste and aroma.

Take big capsicums and take out the bottom part which has all the seeds. Don’t throw it away but keep it aside. For the stuffing you have many options. One key ingredient is boiled potatoes and you can miz it with different things. You can add grated Paneer to it or you can add grated vegetables like Gobhi, Carrot etc. Use boiled potatoes as a base and mix some more vegies along with it. Obviously you got to add some  salt and you can add a little bit of mango powder also to this. Another interesting flavor you can add to the stuffing is by roasting some Jeera ( Cumin seeds ) on a tawa and adding it. I do not favour adding any oil to the stuffing as we will be using oil at a different place. One thing you should not forget is that add the seeds you took out of capsicum in the first step to the stuffing. This is what will ensure that the taste of capsicum stays with your dish.

Now fill up the capsicums with the stuffing and stuff it real hard so that you do not leave any space inside. Now you have two options. If you have a oven at home you can just put a little oil on top of these capsicum and bake them or the other option is to slice them and put them on a non stick Tawa. Fry it for around 10 minutes with little oil. Cover the tawa with a lid for faster cooking. You can put a little bit of oil on the tawa with cumin seeds on tawa before you put the capsicum. The cumin seeds will get embedded in the stuffing and taste great.

Before you serve you can decorate it using some cashew, onions and carrots. The sliced Stuffed capsicum can be served as a starter as well as a dry subzi.


  1. acutally, you add jeera to any dish, it should taste great… :). Ofcourse not to kheers and gulab jamuns (may be these are not “dishes”, so my stmt is still good).

  2. Vaish

    I liked the recipe..stuffed capsicum is rather common, but slicing up the capsicum, made it really diffrent and also its easy, less oil..worth a try.. Thanx..Cheers

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