30 years gone by, not a day without missing you

Lot of water has flown through

I was a kid 5 year old

Playing around the home

Not knowing what death means

Seeing you lying there 

In your eternal sleep


Life as a kid is always great

You have clear thoughts 

And uncluttered mind

Small memories of doing little things

Insignificant and silly ones

Unfounded grudges and constant complaints

Being the youngest sibling


Time went past and the memories grew

And so did your persona on me

Went through life which had everything

Untold fears, unshed tears

Unconditional love and conditional too

Parenthood and professional success


In good times and not so good

Always found you next to me

I talk to you everyday

You give me strength and give me love

Death is not strong enough

To break our bond of  love


My poetry might not be smooth enough

My grammar might be bad

My love for you is  unending

Expressed through words said and unsaid


In memory of my Grand Mom who died 30 years ago…..


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