Me a sinner

Dear Customer

I have sinned. Not once but many times. This was during my Avatar as a restaurant guy. My sin is similar to what lot of people do in that domain but it still is a sin. Haven’t you ever ordered food from a restaurant and waited for food at home. You get hungry and angry at the same time when food does not arrive on time. You call up the restaurant guy and he promptly tells you that it will be delivered in 5 mins. The proverbial indian 5 mins which can last for any duration. I have done the same with so many customers when I was running Potluck.

I knew it was wrong but I still did it. I had no ways of predicting and figuring out where my staff was. Tough for me to figure out the location of my staff as well as my customers. Now we decided to change things in ZopNow. We do know that great logistics is a key piece to solve the eCommerce puzzle and we are hell bent on solving that. We are enabling GPS tracking on all deliveries and also enabling our customers to see where the delivery is in real time on a map.


Hope you enjoy this new feature.

Keep Zopping



  1. Sanjeev Sathe

    Man, That is great. But I feel, that if you can furnish the customer with the cell number of the guy carrying his order, it would be much more convincing to the customer….
    A mere suggestion, with not much thought behind it.

  2. Siddhant Hota

    Hello Mr. Birla!!Although I do not live in Bangalore and can not enjoy the service and the comfort provided by Zopnow, I do find the new feature very interesting. How is it going to develop or affect the business? No idea. I am too young to make a comment on that, but I do hope that this venture goes on for a very long time.
    All the best 😀

  3. Ramanath

    I like Sanjeev’s idea…this reduces dependency on technology…I would any day feel comfortable talking to a person than tracking for my stuff online 🙂

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