Recipe: Venn Pongal – This is where it all started

25 years back. We used to stay in Lucknow. Big town for us after living in much smaller cities in Uttar Pradesh. DD used to rule the air waves those days. I happened to hear recipe for this dish on TV and I thought I will give it a shot. Made the same thing again today.

Here is how I made it. It might not be the most correct way but I love it this way.


Pongal – Roast half katori moong dal in a kadhai till it becomes light brown. Take one katori of rice ( I used basmati ) and wash it and add it to roasted moong dal. Add approx 4 katoris of water, salt and some ghee to it and cook it in the kadhai. Fry half katori of kaaju in ghee and keep it├é┬áseparately. In a pan take few spoons of ghee and add ginger pieces, hing, jeera, mustard, pepper and kadi patta. Add fried kaju and cooked rice/dal also to it. Mix it well.


Chutney – Take 4 tomatoes and make a puree in a mixer. In a pan take some ghee. Add mustard, salt, hing and kadi patta. Add tomato puree when mustard is done. Cook for 10 mins on low flames and you are done.


Here are some visuals.






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