Goodbye from a Zhopper

Before we go ahead, let me clearly say that

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, farting, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

This is being written to clarify all the questions I am going to face from various folks not to settle any scores.

So as the subject suggests, goodbye from me. In college ( IIT Kanpur ), there used to be a song used in lot of situations, specially with respect to girls. Boy, I have some talent for maintaining sense of humor in senseless times. So the song goes like this – Bhanwre ne khilaya phool, phool ko le gaya raj kunwar. Fortunately enough that did not happen to me in college. But ya this song was primarily used when somebody stole somebody else’s girlfriend. So over the past 2 years I have been building a brand and company but I guess I have now run out of time now. Led by my dear friend Bhukhri/Bhukesh, I have been asked to step down.

A sad day indeed for me, not because I have been ousted from a company I built, but the way it was plotted and planned. I agree I was outsmarted by you dear friend Bhukhri/Bhukesh. Just letting everybody know that I am not a quitter, never a quitter and I have not decided to quit.

I have Arnab Goswami in front of me right now on TV so I guess I will leave few questions for my dear friend Bhukhri/Bhukesh. I know that nation does not want to ask all this but I do.

Q1. You have no single written communication to me which highlights the issues. All I have is a lack of response to atleast 25 company related issues despite 373 reminders written in softest of language. Is it possible for you to give me reasons in a written form? Your vocals have been saying different things at different time.

Q2. A friendly offer was extended to you approx 3 months back to run the company in the way you want which you not take up. Was it so important for you to make sure there is humiliation for me dear friend?

Q3. There is something called balls dear friend.  Not sure you will understand it though. Did you not have enough balls to directly tell me instead of routing it via investors in such a funny way. The only good thing about people without balls is that they are less likely to reproduce and create their own kind. I started business with a dear friend not investors.

Q4. And last but not the least. Why did you treat me like a criminal dear friend. Agree that you decided to let me go and convinced rest of the “Bored” on that but that does not mean that you start changing social media accounts, bank accounts and other company things. Do I have a history of stealing money from anywhere. Trust me mate this hurts beyond repair. If somebody had done this to you, it might be worthwhile for you to imagine how this would have felt.

Q5. And thanks for perfect timing on my 40th birthday. Great feeling of a life reset as I enter forties.


So here are my apologies to lot of people. First and foremost to my team. I have built it with lot of love and affection and had such a great relationship with each one of you. I will cherish great time we have spent together doing great things.

Second apologies goes out to “Bored”. As adults, we should have figured out a way to work together.


So what next for me….. Have been thinking through that for past 36 hrs.

The first thought that came to my mind is that I had started some work related to prevention of suicides in IITs which I can take up more actively now. More BBG events happening for sure as I get more free time. My travel mode might change to trains though. I am thinking of pursuing RJing more seriously. Besides that I am open to taking up part-time consultancy projects with various companies so that you still see food ics on my FB wall. If you have any leads in these directions, please let me know.


And for my dear friend Bhukhri/Bhukesh, you have gone down an evil path driven by a cocktail of greed ( aka ambition ), anger, ego and jealousy with a convenient “company interest” justification in your mind. I have know you for over 9 years now and I am sure you will overcome it some day. You are most welcome at my home when you reach that destination with open arms.


Ab sentiyapa khatam, thoda musicwa ho jaaye. All is well that ends in music.



  1. Sidharth Kapoor

    I share your grief and rest assured I will be there for any support that you may find me good for.

    Testing times do come in everyone’s lives but for nobody should you stop believing or change what good is in-grained in you, no matter what storms of deceit and wrong-doing bring upon you.

    The trust you put in your people is a filter that will slowly allow you to sieve out the best and leave the rest. It is because a lot of folks take our trust but not all return the luxury we provide them with.

    Keep the faith and as they say “An Ending is also the Starting point of something New”.

    I was down and out many times, what brought me back was this phrase I believe in: ” Start Where You Are, Use What You Have, Do What You Can!”

    Will meet you soon Birla Ji!

    Keep the faith!


    2:30 AM IST 8/22/2013

  2. YOU were the one to start at least two ventures (to my knowledge)….so YOU will be the one to move on to other things, and other successes, leaving what is stale for the carrion crows to fight over. Birla…you’re a winner all the way. HUGGS to you.

  3. Shankar Viswanathan

    Sad to know the turn of events – start-ups work only based on trust. It is good that you got to the person now instead of being further led on. At least, you avoided falling from a greater height.

    I am sure you will have more exciting opportunities awaiting you. Just sit back, relax, take a break for a few days and start afresh.

    wishing you all the very best.

  4. PRIYA B

    Heyy BKB… sad to know.. sick feeling yes.. especially when it is from broken trust… from a friend or a known person.. 🙁
    But.. even here I can see your clarity of thoughts.. u are already bouncing back. . Nice to see that..
    You are always brimming with ideas.. I know how much you did for zop.. You will come up with yet another brilliant idea BKB. . We are with you. . U are in for a bigger one I guess..

  5. Dr. Prakash Katakia

    Dear BKB,

    No one in this world can change the Destiny..!! The parting is always painful but unjust one like is more painful, I understand. Looking at the issue positively I strongly feel your friends & the Zhopper didn’t deserve you. WE already know “Satyamev Jayate”.

    You never know, you may be heading for better future. I am sure God will endow you with great energy to tide over this crisis period. God Bless you….!!!

    See you soon on the voyage of newer heights of success.


    Dr. Prakash Katakia.

  6. vikrant

    Birla ji, you may be feeling shit now but you are a true winner. With your spirit and integrity you just can’t lose, destiny will find a way to lift you even higher. Happy 40th !

  7. Mohammed Shammas

    Dear Birlaji, very sorry to read. What a loss for zopNow.! For a lot of us who are royal zopNow customers its just so because of You and the passion you have shown towards the venture. Happy you are away from a wrong trust. All the very best for your new ventures in plan. You have the goodwill and support of Lakhs of people who sincerely admire your qualities and compassion. GOOD LUCK BIRLAji…Please catch me for anything for which I can be anyway useful. Lets surely work more on our music front. Best Wishes and Prayers Always.

  8. Archana

    Dear BKB,
    Life is not worth wasting your time with undeserving idiots! And a leader never steps down, he just moves on like you.

  9. Sandeep

    Why such pathetic treatment.How come investors agreed for this “ousting”.Nonsense.Won’t there be any charter drafted for promoters.

  10. Dear Sir,
    I am not sorry to hear that because sympathy is seeked by weak people,strong people fight back.So here is the thing I want to join you in the same online grocery segment.
    I Need your valuable experince,guidence, mentorship,be my guru sir and lets rule this segment together.
    My resources are ready just your ASHIRWAAD is needed.


    Sameer Vanje
    CEO, 1J ADS Pvt LTD
    +91 83747 33777

  11. Dude, Shit happens, does not mean we have to like it. Take a weekend/month off say “#GMDHBH” as a graduate from reputed place you should know about it 😉 Don’t know you well, but give me a holler and we can meet up to bitch about similar experiences.

  12. Jags

    When the TOUGH GET GOING, the going gets rough and tough for the others……..
    We are with you…

  13. Umang

    dude u’ll do great……….kisi mahapurush ne kaha hai…..”rishte main to hum tumhare baap lagte hain…………..naam hai Shehenshah….” so buddy ur the king…….not to worry….

  14. Shabbir

    You had only 9 year of friendship the exact replica of this was done by my friend Ali who had 25 year of friendship and the day he choose to back stab me was the day when my first child got his name.

  15. Niladri Das

    I am reading ur blog for the first time. Since you seem to be a generous person and an IITK alumni, I would like to let you know some of the problems that IIT’s and Indian Government are facing. If you think it’s worthy enough to think and act upon, let me know.

    problem : These are mainly related the research output of india. For good research we need quality students and quality faculty. And they would come in more numbers if they are assured that they would be paid enough. To pay this amount iit’s need funds from industries.
    I can talk about this problem, but for that you have to reply at my mail.

  16. Anonymous

    Similar story , got screwed by partner / friends whom I trusted most . Didn’t knew what to do so joined a job , couldn’t concentrate as well as job was crappy ( still not sure) , so go got fired .
    After getting fired ,was asking myself what to do , should I follow my heart and create a business or join another job . And was pretty certain I wanted to start my biz and was always thinking about you that if you can do it why can’t I (I saw ur profile thru and acquaintance) . So, please don’t give you are the man – just take a break and build it all up again . Sometimes things happen not in our control , but I am sure you would come out much stronger from this occurence .

    See the bright side you now know – one more type of person not to trust .

  17. Vikas

    Feel sorry man! Its the part of journey and I am sure you will once again build something really big with true consciousness.

  18. Bhupendra

    🙁 …. Didn’t know you thoa .. but just when I thought zopnow was getting up … this happened .. seriously how could u let anyone do that to u … I never saw bhukesh in the pics you guys shared and there you are the one to go … pretty surprising … I guess the world is this

  19. You should be happy that this happened. Obviously your stake has not been taken (if they did, you can file a case). You can use your time and build something amazing outside while value of your stake in this company keeps moving up. Enjoy the ride of entrepreneurship!!

  20. Anonymous

    Sir, you have been a huge inspiration for me and have been following you since long. Elon Musk was the key guy in Paypal, who also was majorly responsible for Paypal’s acquisition by ebay. He was asked to leave later and look where he is today – Tesla Motors, Space X, Solar City and also Hyperloop. I don’t think Steve Jobs stands anywhere close to Musk despite Jobs having more money and creating a big company like Apple, Musk is solving some of the biggest problems in such diverse fields, without worrying about money. I feel people like you are meant to solve bigger problems like these in India.

  21. abc

    Mighty glad I didn’t interview at Zopnow after hearing this. I saw you at a Bangalore event and thought you were a weirdo – with the long hair and in shorts no less. But after reading your blog, I have changed my mind. 🙂

    I wish you much success in all of your future endeavours!

  22. Not mentioned

    Having started and exited four ventures – all with cofounders and having fought with some of them – in some cases being the perpetrator and in some others the victim , share your pain . But take it from me – this will be the best thing that happened to you. Better just after two years and not after 8 as in my case with the first business. For an entrpreneur , your time and opportunity cost is the biggest factor. Better at 40 than 50.
    All the best and will reach out privately to you should you need any help or outside advice from older not necessarily wiser entrepreneur !!

  23. lata

    BKB, yr post escaped me earlier. Bad things happen to good people a lot. Rape happens, murder happens, politics is dirty and so is the corporate world. To find a place where people believe in goodness and honesty is rare indeed. Perhaps you will create just such a space. I am quite keen to hear about the suicide module you have in mind, I read in newspapers just four days back that Bangalore is the suicide capital of India. What a shame, Perhaps we can all do something beautiful for this lovely city and make it not only the green city of India but also the green happy city of India. Do let me know if you would like me to write or research in this area for you. I am with you, move on, you are required where you can really make a difference.

  24. Lalith Patwa

    If you started ZopNow, you are a persrson with some serious interest in online grocery sales…I am right now looking for a co-founder at grocerywala. Lemme know if you are on!
    Maybe this helps in your cureent trying times – Sab aache ke liye hota hai!

  25. as a popular saying goes ““Candle needs darkness to show its value; Where there is no darkness, candle is forgotten.”

    more power to you!

  26. Lucky Singh Kalra

    Was on holiday, just seeing this now..
    I still cant believe this.
    For me Birla Jee was Zopnow, so goes unsaid- no Birla jee No Zopnow for me..
    I guess God has better plans for you Birlajee,
    I am sorry fro Zopnow loss.

  27. Anil

    Dear Birla,
    I am a big fan of zopnow ! Sorry to see the founder quit. Now i wonder will zopnow become flopnow? The positive of this situation is a brilliant mind will never sit idle, in times like this i am sure you will come up with a great idea which will be much better than what you have done in the past 🙂
    All the best

  28. rakesh gupta

    Shocking and sad.
    Adding to the best wishes of many for your future success.
    I am sure that better things that are destined for you.
    Good luck.

  29. Someone always assist to produce seriously reports I might express. Which is the first-time I seen your web web page so way? We stunned using the analysis you made to create this particular distribute remarkable. Excellent undertaking!

  30. Anonymous

    You would not remember me ( we met once ages ago) but I have followed your achievements for a long time, from our mutual acquaintances. Most of my conversation at time trail out to “Aur Birla kya kar raha hai aajkal!!!”. Came to know about what happened today, so am writing this now.

    And this we know for a fact that you would come out stronger from all this mess. Reminds me of the time when I lost my job ( great recession 2008, entirely different case) and thought great I would spend some time with my family for some time. Started to pick and drop my 4 year old at the time from and to school. Long story short, after a few days, when I picked him up from school, he innocently asked, “Papa, have been kicked out of the office”. Well they have their ways. Times change, I do remember the few heart burns about that time, but there are things like these, that do bring smile even about those times.

    Best regards. As for the late message, kahin tempo ke peeche padha tha “Durghatana se der bhali, isiliye subah ki bas shaam ko chali”.

    Have fun.

  31. Noell Masters

    We do not know each other, but I searched out this page to read more about you and the exit though there were only the newspaper blurbs that had caught my eye 12 days ago when I registered with them. I went through every single comment as I am in the middle of a not so pleasant email to your erstwhile ‘baby’ which I am asking them to consider re-christening it as ‘ZopThen’, though ‘FlopNow’ as suggested by Anil also sounds good.
    Bottom line – when one is honestly passionate about certain things only good can be the foremost of thoughts. Not just me, but you too I am sure are in no doubt that you will bounce back in style (like an expert trampoliner) and yes, we would all like to hear about the venture. Man is recognized by his deeds (good or bad)!!!

  32. […] Advaitya Sharma of works with 12 of his friends and says they are going great guns. “The single most important thing that can affect relationships is inefficiences of communication – not knowing what each one is doing, what is your place in the whole thing,” he says. And then we all know about the famous ZopNow story and co-founder B K Birla’s rue. […]

  33. You can build another company in the near future but during that time you have to make sure to build that company with someone who has the least possibility of betraying you. This is a lesson to all of us who are co-founders of a certain business. Don’t worry BKBirla, everything happens for a reason. Bounce back higher soon! 🙂

  34. Saumya Shanker

    kuchh sher (Bekhud Dehalvi) tumhare in chuninda ‘doston’ ke naam:

    dekhkar mujhko wo sharma jayega
    ye tamasha kis-se dekha jayega

    qatl ki jab usne di dhamki mujhe
    keh diya maine bhi dekha jayega

    Rock On as you always do… Your tenacity in whatever you do will always be the biggest lesson for everyone… including these ‘Brutus bhai log’ 🙂

  35. Pradeep

    If I were you, I’d get into the same business Birla. And beat the sh*t out of the backstabber in the same turf. Nothing like a sweet revenge. 🙂

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