There comes a time in every entrepreneur’s life when Excel hits the road

I have been lucky enough to see that happen multiple times. And it happened yet another time. It is a funny game. You spend sleepless nights imagining your first sale, first customer, first launch. How the curves on your sales graphs will look like? You rehearse the words you will say to your first customer. I know now it is sounding almost like an arranged marriage.


But then the moment arrives and you realize that your assumptions and projections need to get aligned with reality or the other way round. And you have to bend all of them to make them converge. I know the toughest one to bend is reality but who told you entrepreneurship is easy anyway. This is the moment you wait for and prepare for all the time.


Our “Aha” moment at ZopNow happened happened last week. We launched our service for entire south Bangalore. Next few hours went in just seeing Real Time stats on Analytics and watching our logs. Few issues here and there but no major issues came up. We also did a marketing event on Sunday and tried to sell our services to home makers. We got good response and some of them also converted to buying customers. Overall a satisfying weekend to see all parts of our business kicking in.


I know it is early days and we have a long way to go but then memories of first few steps are always special. For a software professional, the moment of truth is when you can create a product so usable and simple that even a kid can figure out things. My moment of truth came when my 9 year old daughter completed the shopping without any problems. She just overheard me telling my wife that we launched. She just logged on and finished the shopping. I asked her how she did it and she did it in approx 3 min again despite the cartoons coming on TV. I got a chance to record that you can see for yourself how easy we are trying to make things for you.





Keep Zopping folks….


  1. Arpit Patni

    Haha..Gud going Zoppers!! There is a saying that ‘You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother’. But for eCommerce, it would go something like this ‘You have not built it (website) really user-friendly unless a 10 year kid can shop on it by himself/herself’.

    All the best,

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