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No more time for butterflies. We are on and with a bang. We started on 10th Mar, 2007 and completed a good three months recently. It has been amazing how all of us have evolved in past three months. Learnt to do so many things which we never though we would ever do. My old belief that few days when your customers use you are worth more than months of conf room discussions has turned out to be so true. Our customers have loved us, liked us, hated us all in the same breath. Interacting with so many people gives you such a broad and interesting perspective and when you can make them feel good it just feels amazing.

Another interesting thing I have learnt is that business is not just about making money. I always had that hesitation before getting into this business that without having a lust for money, can someone really do business. But I have learnt my lessons. Entrepreneurship is all about joy of creation. The entire lifecycle of creation, presentation to customer and realizing the good bad ugly part of the idea is such a creative and satisfying experience.

Another key learning for me has been that there are so many people who would love to get into restauranting but are not able to do it due to lack of time and understanding of business. I wish I could help them to realize there dreams and aspirations. What happens due to this is that there are so many people offering free advice. After all food is something everyone can relate to.

When will you start breakfast? Why don’t you serve south india and chinese also? Why don’t you drop pamphlets in my apartment? Increase the portion size. Increase the prices. Give us free onion.

The list of advice you get is endless and it becomes so essential to understand and be clear in your mind what your overall objective is and what would be inline with it. It has certainly given me the clarity of purpose and an ability to take on advice with a clear mind.

Dunno in what context Vivekanand said, but useful words – “Arise, Awake, and Stop Not Till the Goal Is Reached!”

What else can you think of at almost 2AM at night ??


  1. bakshi_dwarak

    Its just been 3 weeks i landed in bangalore and have become a big time potluck fan!!Esp for Software engineers like us for whom its literally an ordeal in kitchen to cook something for us Potluck gives an encouragement in two ways
    1)If you don cook you get quality food 400m away
    2)To learn its run by softies gives us encouragement to start cooking for ourselves atleast

    Hats off to all of you and wish PotLuck loads of good luck and Success


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