Butterflies in the stomach

These butterflies are of a different kind….. Finally I am getting close to launching my restaurant Potluck. The last eight month journey of creating this institution has been amazing. There were times when I thought will I really make it and others when I thought of being a McDonalds. But now as we get closer to our target, the day one questions pop up again. I have practiced a million times in my mind how I would welcome guests to the restaurant. What are the type of conversations I will make with them. Will I wear formal dress and interact as per the dress or be casual as usual. Is our pricing low or too high. Does it make sense for us to have differential pricing for self service. The list is endless and the answers are just around the corner.

There are lot of learning in this journey but let me highlight a few….
1. It makes sense to build a team of diverse people. We have few partners who don’t know about most of the dishes in the menu.
2. It is possible to build a system of operating a company where nobody is the boss.
3. Ask yourself the question – When was the last time when you did something for the first time ?
4. A METRO card does increase the social status of your family.
5. Giving employment to others is such a satisfying feeling.
6. You can do business even if you do not have greed for money. I am sure bollywood does not believe in this as all the businessman are shown as villains. It is all about creating something new and innovative.
7. The innovation is outside computers and not inside it.
8. Set your basic principles and be open to evolution.
9. Play one instrument at a time instead of doing an unorganized orchestra.
10. Come on nine are enough…..


  1. anonymous

    Hey Birla
    When is your restaurant opening?? or has it already opened ??
    Looking forward to visit there 🙂

    – Santosh Kabbur

  2. bkbirla

    Thanks for dropping by to my blog….

    We have opened the food delivery section and the restaurant should be up and running in few weeks. BTW we are having a small food festival this weekend so drop in for some free food if you have time.


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