Road Rage – Bangalore Ishtyle

Don’t tell me you never noticed it. So many people in town are trying either to kill others or getting killed using the greatest invention of mankind – wheels. You walk on a footpath, you have people in two wheelers honking at you. You drive a car around, people jump right in front of you as if there was no tomorrow. Moving around in this town has become tough if you are driving on your own.

So anyway coming back to the main topic, I saw a rather interesting incident last night worth sharing. I usualy catch a bus from my Office in Indiranagar which drops me at Jaydeva Hospital and then walk to my home down Bannerghatta Road. My peaceful walikng was disturbed by a car crashing into a guy who was on a Hero Honda scooter. He had a mighty fall. Just went there and helped the guy to get up along with his scooter and now I was desperately waiting to see the Big Fight. So I had my first surprise, the car guy actualy stopped, put on his emergency lights and came over. But why, I thought that is the whole idea of owning a car. You hit and run. Ask Salman if you don’t agree with me.

Anyway I thought now the fun will start with as both of them will start cursing each other. Now came my second surprise. The car guy in his language and actions looked so concerned about the scooter guy. He appologized again and again and told about another vehicle coming in his way due to which he had to take a sudden deviation. And if this was not enough I has my third surprise. The scooter guy, who had some blood on his hand was also applogizing to the car guy that he should have been driving more carefuly.

I was amazed. Hats off to both of you guys. Dunno who you are ( the car guy had a Wipro badge ) but way to go guys. In the time of mindless road rage, there are Few Good Men in town. 


  1. anonymous

    Yes, really pleasantly surprised with this incident, as the opposite Road rage is so common.

    PS: Hope you did not run into some shooting of Radio Mirchi/etc. (as I saw a similar Ad for one radio stn.) Just kidding …

    – Naqvi

  2. Anonymous

    Looks so Bollywood-ish! Am sure it would’ve been an oasis in the mighty draconian desert..

    After hours of battle with the honks & brakes, this surely is a sigh of relief!

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