Freedom of expression – on a shoestring budget

It is not just Harry Potter who can make things fly. Journalists are the new age harry potters who are showering shoes all over the place. Bush and CPM ( I mean Chinese Prime Minister here )  are not the only guys who can claim to have benefitted from this scheme, our own dear financial wizard turned house wife ( oops home minister ) P Chidambaram also had some fun. I thought I would just understand the issue from all perspectives and understand this new dimension of freedom of expression. 

The Thrower
  • Where the hell is Abhinav Bindra. We just end up missing our aims. We trained so hard during out net practice but how come things did not work during real deal. Somebody doctored my throwing arm.
  • Why don’t these shoe companies make shoes which are friendlier for throwing? They waste so many dollars and use so much child labour to build all those fancy features but none to help us. How about a heat seeking shoe which uses fly by shoe lace technology to guide it to the destination and also have Advanced Air Control System to modify trajectory based on movements of the target.
  • How about politicians with weak eyesight and lazy movements ( you mean you want Hritik Roshan in Koi Mil Gaya and Atal Behari Bajpayee shaken together )
  • Hey not my fault. The box said – Just do it. I just followed the instructions.
  • It was a liberty shoe. I have complete liberty to throw it wherever I want to.

The Politician

  • Why me ? The guy in opposition deserved it more. ( not applicable to the Chinese. They are not used to living opposition )
  • Why do these guys throw only one shoe? If he had thrown two, I could at least use them. After all being opportunist is our basic instinct ( besides the basic instinct itself )

The South Indian

  • I always told you, don’t bring the shoes in. Shoes are supposed to be kept outside the house and obviously press conferences.

News Channels

  • TRP
  • Let us supply free shoes to all journalists. 
  • Open a shoe stall at entrances of large hotels which usually host press conferences.
  • Bring the TV telecast technology to the press conferences. Hawk eye to project the trajectory of the shoe and high speed cameras to analyze the events in ultra slow motion replays.
  • TRP
Aaj Tak Reporter
  • This is the type of shoe which was thrown towards PC. Let us see the angle from which it was thrown and what that coveys is that the designs of the guy who threw it smells of an international conspiracy ( obviously against the shoes ). 
  • We have exclusive interview of th shoe which was thrown. How do you feel on getting thrown on a politician face? Any other person in your mind with whom you would prefer a face to face ? Can you throw us more light on the type of face cream used by Chidambram and if that is any different from low cost Made in China cream used by chinese Premier.
  • We are the first channel to bring you exclusive footage of how a nomal shoe becomes a throwable shoe. After the break.

Shoe Companies

  • Why not my brand of shoe?
  • Can we hire someone or maybe two? One to throw and one to dodge.
  • Why my brand of shoe? ( just says it, does not mean it )
Suraj Badjatya
  • Joote do paise lo, Joote do paise lo
Sulabh International
  • Shoe ke liye press conference, Shoo Shoo ke liye Sulabh


  1. ext_179901

    “Shoe ke liye press conference, Shoo Shoo ke liye Sulabh” – he….he…
    Brilliant write up Birlaji !!!

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