Recipe – Tomato Bhujia Curry

OK… No issues with that name I am guessing. Let me get back to my Marwari roots here. Enough people have called me by names like naturalized Marwari, South Indian Marwari and ex-Marwari. Time to hit back with some Bhujia in the face.

So first thing you need to make is the tomato curry. This has lot of variations and based on your oil appetite you can choose the option. So let us first get the oil free version. You just need to put some chopped tomatoes and onions in a pan along with some water. More tomatoes and less onions. You can also add a little bit of green chillies and salt to taste. To make it sweet jaggery is the preferred choice but sugar will also do if you don’t have that. Keep boiling all the ingredients while crushing the tomatoes once in a while. 15-20 minutes will make a nice sweet and sour tomato chutney.

Another mild oily version is that you make a garnishing of little bit of onions, mustard seeds, garlic, ginger, salt, green chili in a pan with a spoon of oil.  Add chopped tomatoes and water and keep boiling it. Oh ya and add sugar and jaggery also. This will also need 10-15 minute of boiling to become a smooth chutney.

So where is the Bhujia. Just before serving add crispy bhujia to it as a topping. Don’t use aloo bhujia but use proper spicy bhujia. The sweet taste of chutney combined with the spicy and crispy Bhujia is amazing. You can either have it with Dal/Chawal or you can also have it with phulkas or stuffed paranthas. My favorite item which goes along with this is Masoor Dal Chawal or Sattu Parantha.

Cooking time is 15-20 mins and the best part of this item is that it is very tough to spoil it unless you are a professional at that.

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