Recepie – Toasts with Mustard and Curd



















This is a rather easy one and can be made for breakfast or a quick snack and should not take more than 5-10 mins.

On a non stick tawa spread a little bit of butter or Ghee. You can also use olive oil if you want to go healthy. Put one spoon of mustard seeds on top of the melted butter or heated oil. As mustard seeds start bursting, cover it with a bread slice. Take one spoon of curd and spread it over the top of the slice. Sprinkle a little bit of salt over the slice also. Turn it over and keep it over flame till the toasts turn golden brown.

Have it with a cup of tea and enjoy. The best thing about this dish is that one side becomes crispy and one side remains soft because of curd. Besides that curd gives it a slightly sour taste which is amazing. You can also sprinkle a little bit of pepper before serving this.

BTW this dish got invented when I was preparing for IIT long time back. If you are a parent and this dish helps on securing better grades for you kids, send across some chocos to me.


  1. anand jain

    my wife makes a variation of the same. We call it dahi toast . We put thick curd, salt, cumin, dhania leaves etc between two slices on bread and then toast it from both the sides.
    Tastes great. And I don’t think we invented it. She obviously learnt it from someone she knew.

    BTW, because of curd, it does help in improving your ‘turd’ the morning after 🙂

  2. Will try that variation also. BTW can you just ask her one question that does she garnish the curd with all those spices and then puts it between the toasts.

    BTW cooking is all about inventing names more than dishes. I have obviously done a nasty job at that.

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