Day 5 – That sweet thing called chocolate

Lot of researches across the world have pointed out again and again that women will prioritize chocolates over anything and everything in life. I can certainly vouch for that with my little experiment done in most unscientific ways with few lovely young ladies. The fifth day agenda was chocolates. Lots of them, of all colors and tastes – dark, milk and white, apple, corn flakes and cashews.

The session started with usual fight about what to make first. Everybody had a different starting point. We adopted a democratic approach to break the deadlock. The dark chocolate won the battle to my surprise. I never thought that kids will be fond of slightly bitter tasting chocolate. We decided to mix some apples to the chocolates. Small diced pieces. We melted the chocolate in microwave and mixed the apples once it was molten. Then we just put them on a steel plate which was greased a little bit with ghee to ensure that that chocos don’t stick. And here they go to deep freezer or at least that is what I thought. Everybody was so keen on opening it after every few seconds that it tested the Samsung quick freeze technology to it’s limits. As soon as I took the chocos, I was just ambushed by all the kids. An empty plate is all I was left with within a span of 30 seconds. The scene repeated multiple times when we made white chcolate with corn flakes, milk chocolate with cashews and coffee.

Besides the chocos we managed to make some cheesy potatoes on our grill. Thinly sliced potatoes grilled to make them crispy and the a little bit of cheese over them before serving.

This was the last day of the session and my initial nervousness had transformed to sheer joy. It was fun to work with so many enthusiastic kids and get them interested in creative art of cooking.

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