Day 4 – Chaats and Juices and a big mess

Obviously. What else did you expect? Throw some kids around chaats and juices and a big mess is bound to follow. The first item on our list was Bhel Puri. Everybody had a great time cutting the boiled potatoes and tomatoes but when it came to onions, most of them gave up.One of the bigger kid did the job. Before we could finish the Bhel Puri, ice cream arrived and all hell break loose. The idea was to make some icecream soda by popping some vanila ice cream into soft drinks, but tough to control kids when you have two of their favorite things in front of them.

Lot of pushing and pulling. Somebody wanted a combo of Mirinda and Thums Up while some other kid wanted just ice cream. When there is so much of ice cream and soft drink around, some of it got to go to the floor also. Anyway we came back to Bhel Puri after that. We moved on to doing some yummy Papdi Chaat after that. The next thing was Aloo Chaat made using green chutney. The chutney was a little bit spicy and all the kids found an excuse to have more soft drinks. Chaat Masala and Kala Namak added amazing twist to all the chaats.

The next thing on the agenda was Mint Julep. Let me accept it that it was my first time making it. I was pretty nervous on how it will taste. But it came out really well and the best part was kids also loved it and multiple refills. The only problem with all these juices was that enough got spilled on the floor. I also loved the taste and planning to add this to my restaurant menu.

The end of the day discussions included revision of all the items and also a little bit of home work. I asked all the kids to ask their parents their favorite dish so that I can teach them how to make it.


1. These cooking lessons were part of the summer camp organized by Noah’s Show.

2. The cleaning lady needs my apologies again.

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