What to do with left over Dal in your kitchen?

Fundamentally there are three type of people in this world as far as left over management is concerned.

1. People who throw/give the leftovers immediately.

2.People who throw/give leftovers after keeping it in fridge for few days

3. People who become creative with leftovers and really eat them.


So here is a small effort to put you in type 3.

You can make some really delicious stuff with leftover Dal. Don’t blame me if you start enjoying the leftover dishes more than the regular dal.

The first easy thing to make is Dal Paranthas. Just knead them into the aata and make some yummy paranthas in your regular way. You might want to dry the dal a little bit. It usually becomes dry if you keep it open in fridge or you can just heat it a little to do that. This is a great way for making sure your kids eat dal. It is easier to convince your kids to eat stuffed paranthas ( don’t call them dal paranthas ) than healthy dal.

Now coming to the 2nd dish which will require a little bit more effort but you will feel happy with what you get back. Take a little bit of besan and put it in a kadhai. Roast it for 5 minutes. Besan will turn brown in color and you will also get a strong smell of roasted besan. Add all the leftover dal you have to the besan after you remove it from the gas. Now you can add some chopped onions and ginger to it. One or two wet bread pieces ( brown corners removed ) will also be an interesting addition. Make the resultant mixture into a aata like consistency. Taste the salt to ensure that it is fine. You can also add chopped green chillies if you want it spicy. Roll them to small balls and shallow fry them on a tava. The trick is to fry for some time, flatten it a little bit on tava and fry it again. You are going to enjoy this for sure in your breakfast or evening snacks along with some tomato sauce or green chutney.


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