The circle of life

10 years ago. My daughter was learning how to walk. Don’t know what the kids go through in their minds in that phase. They see everybody around balancing themselves beautifully on top of 2 legs but why they are not equipped to do the same. I am sure it must be a traumatizing experience. But then learnability is something humans are known for. So I am sure when they learn it, it is an exciting moment. I still remember that when my daughter learnt it, she just could not stop. She kept running between the two sofas.


And now, the scenes are different. I was waiting for my parents to come from Lucknow. My father has been a little under the weather. And my Mom told me on the phone that he has been walking a little bent and with some difficulty. I had asked them to ask the airline folks for a wheelchair but when I was waiting for them at the airport, I just had a little hope. That maybe he will walk straight. After all, seeing your parents on wheel chair is not a very pleasant sight for anybody.


And yes, he did walk out of the arrival lounge, a little bent but still. The joy was no different.


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  1. Madhur

    Loved this post, deeply connects with something inside you. Makes one feel human and blessed to have close relatives, who you love so much.

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