Recepie – Oil free 10 minute curry

So you don’t have time. Who does? All of us have 24 hours only.


Take 2 nice red tomatoes and chop them into fine pieces. Put 2 cups of water in a pan on gas and add these tomatoes to it. Let this mixture boil for 5-8 mins on full gas. Add salt to taste and a little bit of red chilli powder. Add some coriander leaves to this. When you start cooking, take 15-20 soya chunks and soak them in water after washing them. Squeeze the water out of soya chunks and drop it in the tomato gravy we made. You are all set to enjoy this with bread of your choice.

One variation you can try is to add boiled potatoes instead of soya chunks. Another variation is that you can add few drops of ghee before serving to give it a nice flavour.

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