Now you get it right Amazon – Kindle White Joy of Reading ad

I wrote about Amazon Echo ad which was horribly wrong but now I see another ad from Amazon which I think they get totally right. Almost full marks to them. First of all let us understand the product and the context in which they are trying to market it. It is very similar. They are trying to crate a new market in both geographies. In USA people are not used to a talking Alexa in their households and in India we are not used to reading on electronic devices.


When you are trying to create a category, marketing becomes a little bit tricky. You have to educate the audience but then you need to make sure that it is not just a communication about product features. It has to ignite an emotion.


Now coming to this ad, the first part shows journey to his roots and how Kindle is a companion in that. I can closely relate to that as that is my usecase also. I use my kindle mostly when I am in flights. And then ad takes a U turn in the end where it transforms from a reading device to a device which can be used to tell stories. Now that is an emotion we can all relate to in India. Most of us have been at both ends of story telling. Look how cleverly all features like, change brightness and long battery life have been conveyed without any fuss, unlike Amazon Echo ad. Then a song pops up towards the end which has a rustic feel to it. Overall well executed.

Few things which could have been done better.

1. How about starting the ad with an invitation to inaugurate a school in his home village.

2. The song could have been extended and started much earlier in the ad. It has a nice line. Let me add few more

Maati teri, kahani teri, mitti se hai judi, zindagani teri

Mitti ke phool, khushboo aur dhool, wo bhi tere

Tere hi hain, sapne aur dhoop

Maati teri, kahani teri, mitti se hai judi, zindagani teri




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