Modi Hai toh Mumkin Hai – A Marketing Blunder

First Disclaimer : Before you jump on me this article is only about marketing aspects of the slogan.

Second Disclaimer : Bad marketing does not mean that you will lose for sure. Sometimes money spent can compensate for bad quality of advertisement.

Now let us come to the main issue. The first problem with this slogan is that it is not using very catchy words. Slogans are meant to summarise a complex philosophy in one phrase which can be used by masses. It has to be simple and direct. “Ab ki baar, Modi Sarkar” fitted this criterion perfectly, this one doesn’t. Mumkin and namumkin are not simple words and a good part of non-Hindi speaking population might not even get it. BTW, when I say non-Hindi speaking, it doesn’t mean that they don’t know Hindi at all. They do but maybe not these words.

Next issue is that this is indirect. What it conveys is that it is possible. What is possible is left to citizen’s imagination. Now this one is a double edged sword. Some people will interpret it the way they want to and some will not get it.

Now let us come to how adaptable this slogan is. One of the reason why Pizza as a food is popular because each one of us has customised it in our own ways and Italians might even attack your country if they figure out some of those variations. This doesn’t look like a slogan which can be adapted easily. Both positive and negative adaptations are important to spread the slogan and this once seems to miss that one.

We are a poetic country and we love things that rhyme. This one doesn’t. Things which rhyme become catchy and stick to mind. You give people a cue for the rhyming content and they auto complete the slogan in their mind. So in 2014 if I said – “Dushmanon ki hogi haar”, people will complete in their minds – “Ab ki baar Modi sarkaar”.

The slogan used in last elections was also playing on consumer psyche that Congress has been around for too much time and they need to change it. Now Modi has been in power for five years. Either this slogan has to provide a reason to continue or point out at a flaw of opposition.

Next issue is use of this slogan by Modi himself. It just sounds too arrogant in his speeches. I am not talking about achievements or lack of it. Either ways it sounds very arrogant when you say – “It is possible because of me”. Just listen to some of his recent speeches and you will see what I am talking about.

Hope they will find a better slogan before 2019 elections. Feel free to give me a buzz if you want to discuss that. BTW, that offer holds good for other parties also.

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