Looking for an old long lost friend in Mumbai

I know social media has become powerful in recent times and let us see if it can help me out locating a friend. I don’t have much detail but I am sure if you help in sharing this post, I might be able to reconnect. I am in Mumbai from 7th-12th Oct, 2012. Hoping that this blog post is able to connect me up before I am back in Bangalore.


Name: Priti Mistry

Age: Must be approx 45-50

DOB: 13th Oct

Profession: Used to be a tutor with Agrawal Classes in the early nineties ( IIT JEE )



  1. Irfan Shaikh

    my name is Irfan , i used to work with priti at agarwal classes – was trying did find her – saw u blog. did u manage to find her, if yes do send me her mail or alternatively u can send her my facebook a/c

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