Logistics, reverse logistics, circle of life and a girl called Priya

Priya - AdalBdal donor
Flashback: <make it black and white>
1st Nov, 2012 - A usual day in the life on eCommerce entrepreneur. Just one thing he forgot to account for. It is Kannada Rajyotsava day and the staff has vanished without a warning. And on top of that customers keep ordering more and more sitting at home. Chaos was inevitable and calling it chaos is a gross understatement. The day started early and ended very late. There was no time for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All that went inside was a veg puff bought from a bakery in Sarjapura road when the delivery boy with me went inside an apartment for delivery. The same was true with delivery boy also. Must have driven my Scorpio over 200 kms all over the town delivering probably over 100 orders. Who says running logistics is easy.
Now: <Switch on the colors>
7th Nov, 2014 – A young lady Priya had posted on AdalBdal that she wanted to give away her Samsung TV. She followed it up  with a message to our Facebook page and we did have a call. She wanted to make sure that her TV brings smiles to kids of Adrane Charitable Trust. And as I picked up the TV from her home today morning, she also offered her gas stove if it could bring smiles to kids. And I happily picked up that also. Who says running reverse logistics is tough.
So this is the circle of life. From running logistics for a margin of 15% on order size to running reverse logistics for a margin of lots of smiles, things couldn’t get better. Hope there will be many more Priyas in this world, hope lot of people will be able to give away their fetish for sticking to stuff they don’t use, hope people will understand life beyond money and ownership.


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