I am BAL

BAL = Back at Ask Laila






OK, so that sums it up. Starting another inning at AskLaila. It was fun creating this brand long time back and I still feel that there is a lot more we can do with this. Over the years, we have done few things good, few things bad and few things outright ugly. The idea is to increase the percentage of good things. I can’t spell out the entire agenda here, but certainly will be happy to listen to your inputs. Coffee is on me if you have any feedback on what we can do better.


And as part of this, I am looking at rebuilding the team. So if you are passionate about the internet and startup scene, just ping me. Looking at building a short and sweet team. Ooops, we can’t call ourselves startup after 7 years. So we call ourselves a restartup ( Thanks Rahul for coining this word ).


A lot more things coming up from Asklaila soon….. Stay tuned.


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