How about #NetaDotZip?

How about compressing our netas. The idea is simple. We take few letters from their first name and few from middle and few more from last and we put it together to make something funny. Please use hashtag #NetaDotZip to express your creatives. Here are few examples to explain you what I mean.


Narendra Modi = NaMo #NetaDotZip

Manmohan Singh = MaSi #NetaDotZip

Kapil Sibal = KaSi #NetaDotZip

SushilKumar Shinde = SuShi #NetaDotZip

Harish Rawat = HaRa #NetaDotZip

Jairam Ramesh = JaRa #NetaDotZip

Kamal Nath = KaNa #NetaDotZip


So bring it on guys…….


  1. Pratik

    Lal Krishna Advani: LaKAd (लकड़..not giving up this dude.)
    Nitin Gadkari: Nigad (Aah Racist one :P)
    Nitish Kumar: Niku (thats girlish nickname :))

  2. Brijesh

    Amit Shah – Amisha
    Mulayam Singh Yadav – MSY of Dirty politics

    Arvind Kejriwal – Aki , Khiladiyon ka Khiladi

    Sharad Pawar – ShaP
    Karunanidhi – Kadhi

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