Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Terimaki

I am sure the third word would have passed as a Japanese city till our dear Bhajji uttered the magic word to Andrew Symonds ( or did he ? ). I am sure if Aussies promise that they will continue to make a mountain out of a mole, there will be lot of reuse of this word which can greatly benefit lot of people in this world. Here are few people who I am sure can use this strategy

Rakhi Sawant
No point in having all that tiger paint all over your body and still not getting much attention from PETA folks as they were more interested in what was behind the paint.

Ram Jethmalani
He has the distinction of fighting almost all controversial cases and he can’t miss this one. No points for guessing that he will be figting from the australian side.

Sania Mirza
She is trying so hard to avoid controversies but her efforts to avoid controversies have become bigger controversies in themselves that Bangalore Open organizers had to fill up the gap using the Williams sisters.

Jodha Akbar
I am sure they have already got such a big endorsement from the historically hyperactive political parties from all over India but some help from down under will not hurt.

This is not the Allan type of border but borders between countries (JP Dutta types ). Despite the airtel ad almost all the countries have a controversy on this issue. I can certainly understand the Aussie frustration in this regard as they do not share thier borders with anybody else.

News Channels
How can I forget them. I am sure Prabhu Chawlas and co will love such contraversies which enable them to churn out hours of programming ( rather advertising ) which keeps talking about such things again and again. Infact I have learn from reliable sources that some of these channels are researching on making a voice gun ( called Pheke – 47 ) using which they can sit miles away and fire a word at someone and the person who gets shot will involuntarily speak out that word. Just imagine this technology can also be used for making Sonia Gandhi talk hindi….

More suggestions on the issue welcome….

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