Doing work looking good feeling great

Hmmmm….. is it really possible???

Oh yes it is. Few tips from my end to make that transformation….

1. Disconnect – learn how to shutdown your mobile and laptop. Learn how not to leave daemon processes in your mind. Learn how play one instrument at a time and play it well instead of being an orchestra always.

2. Exert – It helps in disconnecting and plugging in you to your self. Maybe you might want to explore how long you can walk or cycle before dropping dead or how many weights you can lift before you become weight(dead type).

3. Kidding – Remember what you loved to do as a kid. Maybe the setting up a drip irrigation system for the plants at home or maybe building a toy train engine using a rubber band or maybe dismantling a wall clock to make a time machine….

4. Meta-Think – Think about what is a good enough issue to occupy your mind share(don’t get into an infinite recursion on the issue). Don’t think about stuff because you have nothing else to do. Do remember you get tired more by thinking lesser by doing. So do not take the trouble of thinking about anything and everything under the sun. BTW your mind might not mind a bit of rest if you offer it.

5. Help – trust me, helping somebody does help you more. It certainly improves the quality of existence(not life).

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  1. anonymous

    I never knew you had a philosophical side. We must chat up sometime as these are things I spend most of my time thinking.


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