Birla PJ Public Unlimited – Q1 2011 Results

Birla PJ Public Unlimited is proud to announce first quarter results for 2011 ( Jan, Feb, Mar). In this quarter we have been able to significantly improve the quantity and quality of the products and also enhanced value for all the stakeholders. Here are few of the leading products  produced in this quarter. Your inputs about them will be greatly appreciated.

  1. A recent study by Subway Restaurants reveals that women prefer 12 inch over 6 inch. #PJ
  2. Akshay Kumar is the most tragic hero in bollywood. Even when he smiles you can see his gums. #PJ
  3. All the advertisers are paying, I am sorry praying, for Indian victory in quarter finals tomorrow. #PJ #cricket
  4. Any idea why all the guys around Abhishek Bachhan do not have Idea connection. #PJ
  5. Arindam Chaudhuri has acquired some land in Nankari village close to IIT Kanpur as he dared to think beyond IITs. #PJ #IITK
  6. As per Indian census we have 914 girls per 1000 boys and 86 happy guys per 1000 guys #PJ
  7. Cafes in England are selling more Irish Coffee nowadays. That is the only way to put them down. #PJ #cricket
  8. Clark is out and laughter ( Hussey ) on the field. #PJ #cricket
  9. Colgate Plax mouthwash is a sure shot way to kill germs. Even humans hardly survive after it. #PJ
  10. Don’t worry, Bihari #PJ
  11. European countries are inviting bollywood to solve low population problem as they figured out how to make babies by holding hands. #PJ
  12. Even in Hindu mythology, good husbands did not exist. How can women expect them to exist in real life? #PJ
  13. Five boxes of coconut oil for anybody who can find a mallu who can pronounce Indi Commandos properly. #PJ #IPL
  14. How do you do is one of the most personal question you can ask anybody. #PJ
  15. Hussey to bahut aa rahi hogi tum ko Kangaroo log. #PJ #cricket
  16. I am getting worried. A black cat crossed my way as I came out of my home. I mean getting worried for the cat. #PJ
  17. I hereby declare the summers open in Bangalore #PJ
  18. ICC has decided that man of the match awards will be given to Pakistan team based on English skills not cricket skills. #PJ #Cricket
  19. If God does not listen to devotees now days, I can understand. They have been making so much noise around him/her. #PJ
  20. Indi Commandos Kochi is the only team which will be gunning for winning IPL. #PJ
  21. Indian cricket team should hire TOI journalists for match today. They seem to know how to beat Australia. #PJ #cricket
  22. Indian government has decided to give tax incentives to people who convert to Jainism to curb onion prices #PJ
  23. Jab se Sheila jawan hui hai tab se lot of girls are applying for Indian army. #PJ
  24. Karnataka CM Yeddyurappa’s birthday will be celebrated by Karnataka kids as Children’s Day as he gives them off from school so often. #PJ
  25. Men are most happy due to Khali not winning #BigBoss because it proves that size does not matter. #PJ
  26. Mood is one thing in life which has only off button. I have never come across anybody with mood on. #PJ
  27. My modesty has been waiting for my greatness to arrive for a long time. #PJ #quote
  28. Na chahiye dawa, na chahiye daroo, mujhe to bas chahiye, haare hue kangaroo. #PJ #cricket
  29. Never fall in love with a software guy unless you enjoy love bytes. #PJ
  30. Nigah-e-teer se ghayal kiya karte the husn wale, aaj kal to bas Facebook poke se kaam chala lete hain #PJ #Sher
  31. Pakistan has just pressed the self destruct button. #PJ #cricket
  32. Pakistani team is strong in bowling as well as betting #PJ #cricket
  33. Q. How did Emraan Hashmi buy his LCD TV? A. Kiss-ton main #EmraanHashmi #PJ
  34. Q. How do Pakistani cricket players wish each other luck? A. Bets of luck. #PJ #cricket
  35. Q. How will you congratulate the new Egyptian leader? A. Mubarak ho #PJ #Egypt
  36. Q. What did the Aajtak reporter girl tell her boy friend to break up. A. Here is some breaking news for you. #PJ
  37. Q. What did the ice cream tell the cup. A. Tum se achha cone hai. #PJ
  38. Q. What do you call a classical singer who becomes rich? A. From raags to riches. #PJ
  39. Q. What do you call a dark women from Kashmir? A. Kashmir ki kali #PJ
  40. Q. Which Indian actor has the potential to create maximum Sansani? A. Dharmendra because he has a son – Sunny #PJ
  41. Q. Which song did Satyajit Ray’s wife sing for him? A. Tu hi re, tu hi re #PJ
  42. Q. Why was Harbhajan Singh barred from practicing Dentistry? A. He always pulled out the wrong one #PJ
  43. Sachin 50 for 4 #PJ
  44. Shweta winning #BigBoss has been hailed by white supremacy groups in west. #PJ
  45. South African kids – A for Apple, B for Boy and C for Chokers #PJ #cricket
  46. Tera kya hoga Munaf Pitel #PJ #cricket
  47. The chickens of the world have decided to form a new country where there are no roads. #PJ
  48. The meek shall inherit the earth, but by the time they do, it will be almost time to leave the earth. #PJ
  49. The toughest to understand person in my life is myself. #Quote
  50. There is a new animal in Asian circus – Kiwi #PJ #cricket
  51. This cricket world cup has the best maths skills. It counts. #PJ #cricket #WorldCup
  52. This world is never going to be devoid of love, so many people are busy making it. #PJ
  53. Traffic police guy is somebody who thinks that traffic moves faster when he waves his hand. #PJ
  54. We will win against Lanka Lions for sure. We have so much experience in killing them. #PJ #cricket #SaveTigers
  55. Women always lead to men’s downfall. Look Pak lost it due to Miss Bah Ul Haq. #PJ #cricket
  56. Zee Cinema is showing Dashavtar. Be scared, very scared while doing channel surfing.



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